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Do you get that christmassy feel from going to a Christmas Market? That feeling of a cold nose but warm hands with a cup of mulled wine to accompany the Christmas goodies you've bought is priceless - the perfect start to Christmas celebrations.


Christmas Markets are a big hit in the UK, originating from Germany and traditionally were called 'Winter Markets", first recorded in 1298. The purpose of these markets were to let us stock up on essentials like meat, to last us through the cold winter months ahead. Over time, these essentials also became gifts and locals would then include other items as gifts to sell, such as chestnuts and gingerbread. The first winter-turned-Christmas Market was recorded in 1310 in Munich and today they are popular across Europe, UK, US and Canada.


In today's markets we still see the traditional wooden toy made from locals, keeping the community-feel that the traditional market held so well, as well as new and exciting items that you wouldn't see anywhere else. The debate over how a Christmas Market should look and feel has been debated in Germany for years, many feeling that the more traditional the items, the more authentic the market, however with new traders coming up with new and exciting products, some wanting to keep their produce local, the Christmas Market ideal is moving towards a combination of old and new.


Why do we love a Christmas Market? Here are just some of the reasons why...


Local - following a tough year for any local tradesperson or business, shopping local should be at the top of our list. You're buying something uniquely made or sourced from the person that's at the stall and can speak passionately about it, making that gift a little bit special and unique and not mass-produced.


Mulled Wine or Cider - when it's cold outside and you want to get in to the Christmas spirit, why not buy some local mulled cider, keeping you warm during the shopping trip, a tradition dating back to the Romans in the 2nd century!


Live Music - local musicians playing your favourite Christmas songs in the middle of the town or city with Christmas lights twinkling all around you? What's not to love about that! 


The Magic - with some markets including carousels, huts for a few drinks, unique gifts, hot chocolates, magical lights, maybe even some ice skating, it's the perfect magical start to the Christmas period, and we can take you to a few ourselves! 


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