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16 Seater Ford Transit Minibus


Whether you want the school sports team to go to their big game or a small group of you going away for the weekend…  The Transit Minibus gets them there in comfort and style. With its fully autotamoted step, high roof and comfortable seats dont think your going to be crampped back there. Our drivers love drivng this one, ask any of them. As one of them said "It's a breath of fresh air".


  • 16 Passangers

  • Cup Holders

  • Large luggage Compartments

  • Automated Door step for ease of enrty and exit

  • High roof line for standing head room

  • Small and copanct design to access any destination



Coracle Coaches, Old WRU Office, Alltycanap Road, Johnstown, Carmarthen, SA31 3QY